New Yokomo Maifield edition overview.

New Yokomo Maifield edition overview.

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Yokomo Maifield edition complete overview

The Yokomo Maifield edition has a 3 gear lay down gear box(same as the Yokomo YZ2 Ca).  It also has the new shock tower brace and longer dogs/out drives. It is meant to be a clay car. Despite this it could be a decent car for some one who can only find time to maintain one car or who’s new to the hobby. The fact that not much has changed is kind of good and kind of bad. If it was all new all our cars would be out of date, worth less and we’d be behind in terms of car performance.

The shock tower brace is mounted vertically and it’s meant to improve on power traction significantly. The longer dogs are longer so it’s meant to improve traction and stability. Along with that, there’s also a new hub with the ability to mount the axel in 3 different positions. This is instead of the 2 positions on the previous models, along with plastic hubs for more flex to give more traction.


Here is the DTM:

The new YZ2


Over all, I think the Maifield edition is decent. The Yokomo YZ2 CA base, the updates and the fact it would be brill if you were having just one car. But maybe they could have done more, or upgraded more significantly without changing the whole design? I have seen this car raced at Coventry on Astro and it is very competitive.


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