Super Low Grip Yokomo YZ2 Chassis Coming Soon

Super Low Grip Yokomo YZ2 Chassis Coming Soon

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Coming soon is a Low Grip Yokomo YZ2 Chassis . It features short wheel base;for high traction and agility, 4 different gearbox options;3 gear lay down, 4 gear lay down, 3 gear stand up or 4 gear stand up,and an aluminium 3mm thick chassis with adjustable flex. You can adjust flex by undoing the side rail screws in different places. Installing this chassis will give you better traction all round in low grip conditions, more tuning options and stability.

Development On the Yokomo YZ2 Chassis

Recently,my dad took me to Telford to develop my  Yokomo YZ2 Chassis. It was wet,cold and icy;i had keep my gloves on for as long as possible. We set up in our van,booked in subsequently and waited till practice. For 10 cold minutes the time ticked until our practice group went to track. I navigated the uncontrollable car with my frozen numb fingers round the icy track with my components;the track literally had ice on it and i had a 4 gear lay down equipped so the weight was low and far forward, not ideal for these conditions.


3 or 4 gear stand up?

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a 4 or 3 gear stand up knowing we were in a field with limited equipment, so we softened the cars springs to get more roll and weight transfer. In the following round the changes had improved but grip was still unbelievable low, and the slippery ice had melted leaving a frosty wet surface to race on. However, the temperature wasn’t changing so it was to cold for me to do the following rounds. So the under-dog was released(my dad). he one the last 2 races until he got too cold and stopped racing.

We both had the same issues and after some thinking we decided to:

  • change the gearbox to a 4 gear stand up
  • swap the gear diff to a ball diff( a diff which relies on friction)
  • and change the suspension settings
  • not change / re design the chassis- we messed up the settings.

there will be another blog about our testing for the v2 car after we test it.

Soon,(March to May ish) you will be able to buy this product on The Revs shop, which isn’t open yet. Later on in the year there will be more products like this coming!

3mm alloy chassis
my 3mm thick,short wheel base low grip development car so far(v1)

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