Shenington Lets Go Karting – December 2016

Shenington Lets Go Karting – December 2016

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On Sunday I went to do the Shenington Lets Go Karting scheme! The track was white because it had been wet and cold overnight so the first session was delayed by 1h but the ice soon melted letting the first session get underway. To make things even trickier I was in a powerful 2 stroke but it was on wet tyres.


R1 of Shenington Lets  Go Karting

After watching the beginners, it was our turn to race on the wet, cold and slippery track. Firstly we did a kart fitting test; I ended up in 44. The car ahead of me started and then I realised just how loud these 2 strokes were. Next my kart and my brother’s kart started, and I was surprised at how vibrant my kart was. I was pleased to be on ‘wet’ tyres, they provided a good level of grip. Despite the fact that several people had bought their own kart I was still the quickest out there, although I span on the 2nd corner after the back straight twice. Josh, who’s my little brother, did very well knowing his lack of experience and kart confidence, so I was very proud of him.

R2 of Shenington Lets Go Karting

In round 2, we were told to go in the same kart we did as last time. There is a ‘sweeper’ onto one of the main straights which was tricky to take flat out. As I got more laps in I realised it was possible but needed bravery. Yet again I was pleased Josh was racing with me. Lap after lap I was the fastest despite being a bit embarrassed that I span under braking into a hairpin and went through a gap in the tyre wall which led to the extension track for the bigger karts, so I had to turn around and rejoin the track. Surprisingly Josh did even better than he had last time! One of the karters had three huge crashes, he seemed Ok but a bit shaken up by the bumps he had suffered.

After that round our sessions had finished so we went over to a local karting shop to look at some go karts. At their shop there was a wide range of karts from old vintage karts to common day gearbox karts

We really enjoyed Lets Go Karting at Shenington and will be back for more!

Here is a link to Shenington kartings web

Its cold
Waiting to start

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