13.5 Turn Boosted at Hinckley Radio Controlled Car Club 14.01.17

13.5 Turn Boosted at Hinckley Radio Controlled Car Club 14.01.17

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As usual, I went to Hinckley to race on Saturday, now running 13.5 Turn Boosted. In practice the car felt good considering the low grip. I did about 15 laps to test the car and then took the car to our pit area. After 5 minutes I went back out again and the grip had come up significantly so my practice times improved.

This was my third time racing in the 13.5 turn boosted class against professional racers and this was the first time I had raced against world champion Andy Moore, which was exciting.


The Qualifiers

In the first race I raced very well but my car had a lot of drag brake.  I did good laps but I did lose a lot of time letting the other racers past when they lapped me.  After this race I reduced the drag from 7% to 4%.

In the second race the adjustment to the drag brake felt a lot better.  I drove very well but still lost a lot of time letting the other drivers past. I did 24 laps in 300.94 seconds.  My best 10 laps averaged at 11.94.  We made some changes to the car over the rest of the meeting and by the last final my best ten was 11.26!

In race three we made the boost kick in earlier so the boost could be at full potential before the end of the straight.  In this race I did 24 laps 308.69 seconds.  After that my dad told me to push for the last few minutes and I tried but I made a few mistakes. I am running a revtech Killshot motor at the moment, its seems fast and smooth.

fast and smooth
My motor for 13.5 turn boosted


The Finals

For the finals I asked if I could go in with my usual competitors in the 13.5 boosted group.  Dean accidentally cross-wired his speed controller and blew it up so he joined in late with a car with no brakes.  At the start of the first final race because Dean had dropped out it meant I was two grids behind Martyn.  Despite that I still managed to get next to him by the second corner but couldn’t get past.  After that they started to pull away.  I got my best 10 one second inside Zak Finlay’s.

In the second final I was even faster and my friend Craig came to tell me how well I was doing during the race.  I was consistent and got 26 laps again.

For next week me and my dad will change the pinion gear to a 30 and check the car.  We have now got some settings for the speed controller that make the car work really well so I am going to write these into a base set up sheet and I will put this on my website.  Here’s a link to my setup page.

Set Up Tips & Tricks

Two minutes of the second boosted final are below. I am looking forward to racing in 13.5 boosted again.



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